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Bass Coast and Phillip Island Wedding Services Guide

Bass Coast offers you the perfect destination to hold your dream wedding. This fact sheet provides a list of local wedding related service providers to assist you plan your perfect wedding.

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Social and Economic Value of Events

Bass Coast Shire Council provides support for many events throughout the year. Most events are held in the peak visitor season to take advantage of the significant number of visitors to the region.

This report details expenditure on events by Bass Coast Shire Council and examines the social and economic benefits of these events to the community and local economy. After consultation with Council staff, 87 diverse events were chosen for the analysis over the previous twelve months. These events are spread evenly across the shire.

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Events Signage

Signage is a vital part of promoting your event. Most signs are displayed along highways and main roads. Passengers in cars have a very short time span to see and read your message. This fact sheets will assist event organisers in ensuring that they maximise the effectiveness of their event signs.

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Promotional Flyers

Using a flyer to promote your event is a very effective way of reaching a wider audience - they are inexpensive to produce and post or deliver. This fact sheet is a flyer template that will assist you in producing an effective and, most importantly, informative promotional tool.

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Advertising Your Event

A good advertisement is essential for effective promotion and marketing of your event. This fact sheet is a template for you to follow when drafting your advertisement. The template will also assist you with providing information needed if you wish to list your event on our website.

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Sponsorship and Community Events

This fact sheet contains information on sponsorship and the ways it can be used in a community/business partnership.

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