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Raneye Security

Ross Langlois was the ultimate entrepreneur when he started business at the age of twelve.

The manufacturer of Velvet Soap and Pine O Cleen, amongst other things, had a factory just up the street from his father’s business. Ross realised that if he got some empty bottles, cleaned them inside, and filled them with Velvet Soap he could make money. He bought the product from the manufacturer, filled the bottles, and proceeded to sell them to everyone who lived on his block. He built quite a regular clientele.
And as all entrepreneurs do, he sold the business (to his brother) and began looking for new opportunities, .

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Harmony Health Fitness and Natural Healing Centre

Harmony Health sits nicely up in the beautiful Strzelecki hinterland overlooking Wonthaggi and towns in the valley below with the seas of Bass Strait in the distance. What a beautiful place to get out of bed and look at this panoramic view each day knowing this is a place of work.

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Grantville Newsagency

Lester Harris was born and raised in the Swan Hill Tooleybuc area of Victoria. He worked on the family farm where they ran sheep and cattle and grew citrus fruit and wheat. They also had a citrus processing facility on the property.
Lester’s wife Sylvia was transferred to Horsham for work and so Lester took up a position with Rio Tinto as a Cropping Manager.
During their time in Horsham the Harris’s decided that they would like to go into private business. They searched the state for a business that had a good cash flow with potential for growth and within their capacity to fund. They finally settled on the newsagency and Post Office at Grantville.

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Island Shoes

Ted and Bella Egan celebrated their 20th birthday in the shoe business in Cowes last August. They are extremely passionate about shoes and their infectious enthusiasm has been adopted by the staff at Island Shoes.
Bella grew up locally. After finishing her teacher training, she came back to Cowes to teach. Ted worked in the fishing industry in San Remo, so it made sense that if they were going to buy into a business, it should be in the vicinity of Cowes.

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Wonthaggi Locksmiths

Family is a very good reason to come to Bass Coast as it is a great area to raise a family. But when you recognise a business opportunity that fits your trade, there is an even greater reason to live and work in Bass Coast. “Everybody needs a locksmith at some point and security is our business” said Jim Methven from Wonthaggi Locksmiths.

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The Gurdies Winery

Why would anyone invest blood, sweat, tears and hard earned pennies in a winery in an unknown wine region? ‘Location, location, location’, says owner and wine maker Peter Kozik from The Gurdies Winery.
Peter Kozik and Peter Svans had been in business together in another venture for many years when the wine making bug bit and bit hard. They started making wines in Peter and Yolanda Kozik’s backyard in Melbourne some 15 years ago and quickly decided that this was a ‘hobby’ well worth pursuing. Peter, Yolanda and Peter spent many weekends and holidays scouring the Victorian countryside looking for properties that would cater to premium wine grape growing, have access to established infrastructure and be on a reasonably busy tourist route to make sure they could sell their top shelf wines.

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Mediation Matters

Robin Rankin trained with the Law Reform Commission for the Victorian Government Department of Justice and worked as a Mediator and Facilitator with the Dispute Settlement Centre for several years. She was also employed by the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC).
Eventually, she decided that it was time to be independent and investigated the potential of running her own business. After participating in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), and completing a business plan, she started ‘Mediation Matters’ specialising in mediation, facilitation and training.

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Harrys on the Esplanade

Why would a man who owned a number of successful businesses around Melbourne leave it all to relocate himself and his family to a small regional town on Victoria's Bass Coast? ‘Opportunity and Lifestyle’ says Harry Schmidt, owner of Harry’s on the Esplanade, formerly Bistro 115.
After taking the plunge almost 2 years ago, Harry hasn't looked back since opening his popular restaurant in Cowes. He loves the coastal lifestyle, he no longer has exorbitant business costs and there is very little competition.
Harry loves what he does, and it is evident in all aspects of the business…including his staff. Every time you enter the bistro, you are greeted with a smile and an attentiveness that lets you know that you will be well looked after.

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Impact Creativity Centre

14 years ago, Malcolm and Jo Beasley decided they wanted to move from the city (Melbourne) to raise their family in the country. They drew a ring around Melbourne and started exploring. While driving down from Leongatha, they were exposed to the beautiful green hills of the Bass Coast hinterland, with the spectacular coastline as a backdrop.

They instantly decided that this was what they had been looking for, commenced the arduous task of finding some land and then built their house, which is still an on-going venture.

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