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Bass Coast is within commutable distance to Melbourne, approximately 90 minutes by car, and provides a delightful combination of an agriculturally productive hinterland, coastal tourist townships and wonderful natural attractions. The beauty of the area attracts many day-trippers and holiday makers each year, many of whom decide to make the “Seachange” and call Bass Coast home.
A list of local real estae agencies is available by clicking on the adjacent fact sheet.

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Bass Coast Shire's household and family structure of is one of the most important demographic indicators.
It reveals the area's residential role and function, era of settlement and provides key insights into the level of demand for services and facilities as most are related to age and household types.

Household types in Bass Coast

Dwelling Type is an important determinant of Bass Coast Shire's residential role and function. A greater concentration of higher density dwellings is likely to attract more young adults and smaller households, often renting.
Larger, detached or separate dwellings are more likely to attract families and prospective families. The residential built form often reflects market opportunities or planning policy, such as building denser forms of housing around public transport nodes or employment centres.

Dwelling types in Bass Coast
Agricultural Information & Rural Property Sales

This fact sheet provides a summary of agricultural activity and rural property sales in the following categories: beef, dairy and hobby farms.

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