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Business & Tourism Associations

When starting a business it is always a good idea to contact your local trader group. The members of these groups can provide valuable support and assistance as you start your new business - especially if your are new to the area.

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Small Business Mentoring Service

A Mentor is a trusted guide who advises and shares their experience with the aim of helping you develop a successful business. To survive and thrive in business, it makes good sense to gain all the support and knowledge available to give you a competitive edge.

Mentors at the Small Business Mentoring Service can help you by:
1. Listening: Your Mentor is skilled at looking at issues from a range of perspectives, providing practical insight and suggesting alternative view points.
2. Motivating: Mentors are able to cut through the day to day problems and help you look at the wider picture and work towards achieving set goals.
3. Planning: Mentors will work with you to look to the future and build a plan that sets out the steps to follow.

SMBS website
Operating a business

Business Victoria is a comprehensive online resource designed to help you start, run and grow your business
Whether you're looking to start a new business or are already operating you will need to write a business plan, organise finance, employ staff and grow your business. Listed below are guides, tools and templates for you to download and use.

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How complaints can save your business money

Disputes with customers can be costly. However, a complaint that doesn’t escalate into a dispute can actually help your business.
The advice below, from Consumer Affairs Victoria, can help you reduce complaints about your products or services - and turn those you do get into an opportunity, instead of a dispute.

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Saving $ by going green

Make your business more efficient can reduce overheads and improve profits as well as improving the business sustainability and helping to reduce its impact on the environment.

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Small business self assessment checklist

This checklist is designed to help you and your business to become aware of your rights and comply with your obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). It will help you identify which parts of the ACL are relevant to your business and how you can get more information.

Topics covered:
• Setting up your business to sell goods or services
• Selling your goods or services
• Solving your customer problems

Small Business Self Assessment Checklist
ASIC and small business

ASIC is an independent Commonwealth government agency that regulates
businesses, financial markets and financial services industries in Australia
A key function of ASIC is to help businesses operate within the law. This will help ensure
that businesses in Australia are managed and operate fairly and transparently. Another key
function of ASIC is to educate businesses on what it means to operate within the law.

Your Obligations as a Small Business Operator
Small Business Assistance

This fact sheet provides a brief description of the type of help available for those setting up a new business venture or those wanting to develop their existing business:
1. Business Victoria Step by Step Guides
2. Bass Coast Shire Council Economic Development Staff.
3. Business in Bass Coast Website.

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Suggest a Business

This fact sheet contains a list of business opportunities or ideas that have been suggested by community members. The suggestions are listed by locality and then by category.

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Whether you are starting a business or growing one, there's a clever way to do it. At you'll find all the information and tools that you need to make business easier. It's your gateway to:
* public information on every registered Australian business
* permits, licences and forms you need to conduct transactions at all levels of government
* the latest information on superannuation and taxation issues
* grants, tenders and contracts information
* professional advice and support and a whole lot more.

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Business Grants

The attached fact sheets provides information on business grant website locations and a brief description of the information available on the site.

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