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Weather and Climate

Victorian farm businesses have noticed that their seasons and climate is changing, and are seeing an increasing focus on carbon in agriculture.

Our climate program aims to assist in making sense of these key issues by providing information, tools and resources to support climate change risk management within the Victorian agricultural sector.

Agriculture Victoria Weather & Climate information
Climate Ready Gippsland

How climate change will affect the Gippsland region and how you can be climate-ready.
The Gippsland region has already become warmer and drier – a climate trend likely to continue into the future.
Local residents, businesses and communities are changing the way they do things in response. Getting climate-ready involves understanding how climate change is likely to affect
you and your region, and working out ways to adapt.
Everyone can contribute to the Gippsland region’s climate-ready future.

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Bass Coast Wonthaggi Climate Update March 2016

Climate and seasonal variability update for Bass Coast discussion on climate drivers, recent trends and agricultural adaptation.

Bass Coast Climate Update
Agricultural Climate Resilience Project

The Agricultural Climate Resilience Project (ACAP) has been developed from work that South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shire Councils have been doing with local producers with the assistance of the State Government over the last four years.
The major focus of the project is ‘mentoring’; helping farmers to gain skills to deal with the threats (and opportunities) that climate change might throw up utilising peers experiences. A number of mentoring models will be used, including forums, discussion groups, farm walks and demonstrations.

ACA project information
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