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Farm Diversity Tool is the first step in exploring something new for your farm.
This initiative of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation allows you to search crop and animal production enterprise alternatives by type or location to discover which may be best suited to your farm.

Farm Diversity Tool
The Future of Local Food Podcast Series - Creating a Fairer Food System

We're kicking off by releasing the talks from the 2015 Future of Local Food conference and then continuing with all new guests in the lead up to the 2016 conference.

First up is Nick Rose from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. He speaks intelligently about creating a fairer food system that better serves the needs of the people it was originally designed for.

Nick Rose - Creating a Fairer Food System
The Future of Local Food Podcast Series - Home Harvest Feast

Currently Nillumbik Shire Council and Banyule City Council partner to deliver the Home Harvest Feast. The Feast aims to celebrate local food, the home grower and create better connectivity through the conversation of food.
Growers donate home grown produce, we collect it and with the help of community cooks and recently VCE Hospitality students create a two course local seasonal vegetarian meal. The Feast draws approx. 350 to the meal and is now in its fifth year.

Fleur Anderson & Kirsty Merritt - Home Harvest Feast
The Future of Local Food Podcast Series - Exploring barriers to small scale meat production

Recorded at the Future of Local Food Conference 2015: The Sage concept originated from farmer Chris Balazs from La Finca farm. He originally wanted to process his own premium Hereford cattle for family and friends and maybe sell at a farmers market or two.
Four years on however and Sage has grown to supply its highly sought after meat from 7 different family farms who each share the vision of locally produced and ethically raised animals.

Chris Balaz - Exploring barriers to small scale meat production
The Future of Local Food Podcast Series - Whole-carcass butchering & community supported agriculture

Tammi is the President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. As well as answering questions about Fair Food – The Documentary, Tammi will also discuss her recent 3 week fair food tour of the United States.
A former vegetarian academic, Tammi now does whole-carcass butchering on the farm, sells pork and beef at the farm gate and online through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model and delivers monthly to hubs in Melbourne and the region.

Tammi Jonas - Whole-carcass butchering & community supported agriculture
Mohair Raising - options for additional farm income

The best Angora goats in the country were in Goulburn last weekend for the industry's 20th National Trophy Show. It's a significant milestone for what many still regard as a cottage industry. And it comes as a time when production worldwide has collapsed. Indeed, with demand rising for quality mohair fibre, growers here are keen for a lot more mainstream farmers to give Angoras a go. For more information please open this link.

Mohair Raising - ABC Landline
Why Do Farming Families Diversify?

Farm diversification is common to rural landowners across the developed world.
Within Australia, diversification is being promoted as a system to build economic resilience for farming families.
Diversification has been defined in many ways but, in the context of this report, it has been defined as the addition of another stream of farm-based income to supplement the existing source/s. Over time, the diversification enterprise may overtake and replace the original core business

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Farm Diversification and Compatibility for Existing Farm Businesses

Diversification is one of three important processes through which a farm business can improve its situation.
This Information Note is part of a series that explores aspects of farm diversification and decision making. There are five important aspects to making a decision. These five aspects are: compatibility, observing, trialing, complexity and resource advantage.
For more information open this fact sheet.

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Options for Property Management and Enterprise Diversification

When people consider changing the management of their rural property or consider diversify their farm enterprise mix they are looking to improve, grow or develop from a current situated to a better situation for themselves and their family. There are a number of pathways people can take to make these changes. For more information please read this fact sheet.

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