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Resource Efficiency in Agriculture

Keen to save you money and improve the viability of your farm business through energy savings and materials efficiency?
Interested in using a practical guide to help you save money, increase productivity, gain a market edge and reduce environmental impact of your farm?
Cultivate Agribusiness has developed a self-guided workbook book to help you achieve your efficiency goals.
An efficiency hierarchy framework is used throughout the workbook as you go through the following steps:
1. Set your efficiency goals
2. Gather your baseline data
3. Establish benchmarks (efficiency indicators)
4. Identify improvement opportunities
5. Develop an action plan

Your Resource Efficient Farm Workbook
Southern Gippsland Foodmap

Are you a local producer looking to:
* profile your fantastic produce and increase your business profile
* extend your market reach and show your retail outlets
* promote local produce to the local community
If your business fits into one of the listed categories then you can register your business for free on the Southern Gippsland Foodmap.
Categories include: Grower / producer, Green grocery, Butchery, Bakery, Fish monger, Deli
Winery / brewery, Market, Food store and Distributor.
This online map provides information to local consumers, retailers and visitors about food producers in South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shires.

Southern Gippsland Foodmap
Rural Career Guide

The Rural Career Guide is a combined resource for students and job seekers, new entrants to the industry, parents and educators, counsellors and employers.
It features career descriptions, interactive displays, education and training options to highlight career pathways in rural and related industries

Rural Career Guide
Smartphone apps for smart farmers

The original version of this book was produced in November 2012, when the Ag Excellence team noticed that while increasing numbers of farmers were adopting smartphone/table technology, finding suitable apps was very difficult. It was our intention then to provide a booklet which gave farmers information about what apps were available and how the use of these could benefit them.
Wherever possible, we have downloaded and road-tested the apps, however their inclusion in this booklet is not necessarily an endorsement of them.
This booklet was developed by Ag Excellence Alliance Inc., and prepared by Growing Solutions

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Agribusiness websites

There are 4 pages dedicated to web addresses that are based around the agribusiness industry. Sites include are: DPI, CSIRO, Australian Organics, A-Z Guide to Food and Agriculture, Australian Fodder Industry Association plus many more.

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